LOOK: Titans fan has Marcus Mariota and Steve McNair tattoos

By Vincent Frank

Here’s one Tennessee Titans fan that plans to support his NFL team through thick and thin. Short of going through a painful procedure, tattoos themselves are life-time commitments. We’ve seen some pretty dumb ones from fans around the sports world in recent years.

This isn’t one.

Here, a Titans fan decided to get tattoos of former quarterback Steve McNair and current franchise signal caller Marcus Mariota on the back of his legs. They are some amazing pieces of art.

Paying homage to a current quarterback isn’t necessarily a surprising thing. However, the fact that this Titans fan decided to show the late Air McNair some love is absolutely amazing. The writing on the tattoo is equally as impressive.

“A Titan till the day we die.”

McNair was the third overall pick of the then Houston Oilers back in the 1995 NFL Draft. He played 11 seasons with the franchise, ultimately following them to Tennessee as the face of the new Titans squad. After a two-year stint in Baltimore, McNair called it a career following the 2007 season.

Sadly, the former Alcorn State star died back in July of 2009 in a murder-suicide committed by a former lover of his. He was just 36 years old.

At the very least, this one Titans fan will make sure to remember the all-time great quarterback for what he gave to the Titans and the larger Tennessee community during a splendid career.