LOOK: Tigers troll Pirates after hitting back-to-back homers

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Pirate jokes never get old. They stand the test of time. Just ask Johnny Depp.

Apparently the Detroit Tigers were in that mood Wednesday evening during their road game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

Just check out the Tigers trolling their counterparts following back-to-back blasts from Brandon Dixon and Harold Castro in the third inning.

As you can see, future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera was in the dugout going full Capt. Jack Sparrow. No word yet on whether these balls were pirated on the way to the stands.

We’re also wondering if Pittsburgh pitcher Trevor Williams has some Captain Morgan waiting for him after this disastrous outing.

The good news? The homer by Castro represented his first ever in the majors. Blimey, he won’t be walking the plank any time soon.

Yeah, we’re completely out of puns. Good day.