LOOK: Some ridiculous bathroom rules in Rio

United States wrestler Jordan Burroughs is in Rio hoping to defend his Olympic gold medal.

While he has to worry about a string of world class opponents, Burroughs also has to contend with some rather strict rules in the bathroom.

Some of these are a little hard to fully comprehend. Is one supposed to throw used toilet paper in the trash? If so, that’s going to be one disgusting bathroom in very short order.

In fact, if that is the case, it will be quite challenging for any Olympian to not vomit.

Unfortunately, as we can see, that also can’t be done in the toilet. So, we’re really getting into a wicked chain reaction here.

Additionally, if a sign is seen prohibiting something, it likely means that it’s been done before. If that’s the case, it means that “upperdeckers,” leg lifting, and toilet fishing are at least semi-common problems in Brazil.

What does one hope to gain with an upperdecker and peeing like a dog? More importantly, what exactly are people fishing for?

Well done, Mr. Burroughs. You’ve created more questions than you’ve answered.