LOOK: Rays trolling Yankee Stadium goes horribly wrong

Blisschan / wiki Commons

The Tampa Bay Rays might be battling with the New York Yankees for the AL East crown this season.

In no way does this mean the two teams are on a level playing field. That’s primarily true when talking about each team’s home stadium.

Tropicana Field in Tampa is the single-worst stadium in Major League Baseball. It’s downright embarrassing for both the organization and MLB. Heck, it’s led to the possibility of splitting time between Tampa and Montreal. Really.

Meanwhile, the new Yankee Stadium is among the best venues in professional sports.

So we’re left wondering why Tampa would troll the Yankees over a rain delay Thursday afternoon.

As predicted, the Rays pointing out that a rain delay wouldn’t happen in their dome didn’t go swimmingly.


The moral of the story? There’s always the option to keep tweets in the draft folder. Just saying.