LOOK: Rams fan gets Super Bowl championship tattoo

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It’s becoming a yearly tradition around the NFL world. Fans deciding to ink themselves up in hopes of somehow moving their team in the direction of winning the Super Bowl.

These tattoos have been utterly ridiculous in the past. Defacing your body by making a prediction not a single person can guarantee will come true.

That now includes this longtime Los Angeles Rams fan residing in Arizona. Check out the ink he just got himself in hopes of his Rams winning Super Bowl LIII in February.


We will say one thing. This is pretty solid artwork. It’s also not like a Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals fans did this. The Rams have a legit shot of hoisting the Lombardi after a surprising division championship last season.

Even then, one has to wonder what goes through the mind of fans doing this. Outside of a very painful surgery, this ink is permanent.

Let’s just hope for the sake of this one Rams fan, Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers don’t rain on their parade in the NFC West this coming season. After all, it’s not like he can fix the tattoo to take into account the Rams winning Super Bowl LIV in February of 2020.

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