LOOK: Raiders fan wearing Antonio Brown ‘clown’ jersey

Tracy Lundgren//Pixabay

It goes without saying that Oakland Raiders fans are not happy with Pro Bowl receiver Antonio Brown.

His short-lived tenure with the team came to an abrupt end Saturday after Brown requested and was granted his release from the team. Almost immediately after that became official, Brown signed with the New England Patriots.

How are Raiders fans responding to the receiver following this series of events? We’re glad you asked. By wearing Antonio Brown “clown” jerseys ahead of the team’s season opener Monday night.

We have to give this Raiders fan a solid A for ingenuity. Talk about a quick turnaround.

It was just over 48 hours ago that Brown was forced from Oakland without having ever played a down for the team.

At the very least, Raiders fans are taking their frustration out in an innocent way. We can’t say the same thing for at least one New York Giants fan.