LOOK: Playoff contending Rays draw embarrassing crowd

By Vincent Frank
Blisschan / wiki Commons

The Tampa Bay Rays’ lack of attendance has been a major issue for the past several seasons.

It’s taken on a whole new meaning with Tampa Bay currently boasting a 73-52 record and in playoff position. In fact, talk earlier this season surrounded the possibility that the Rays could split time between Florida and Montreal moving forward.

If the attendance for Monday’s series-opening game against the Seattle Mariners is any indication, the status quo obviously isn’t working.

Tropicana Field was legitimately almost empty at first pitch. Check it out here.

That’s quite embarrassing for both the Rays and Major League Baseball.

Despite their status as a real playoff contender, the Rays entered this week’s action with the second-worst attendance in baseball. This isn’t going to help matters much.