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LOOK: Odell Beckham Jr unveils custom Rolls-Royce at practice

Matt Johnson
© Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Just days before wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. takes the field for his first game with the Cleveland Browns, the star’s new custom ride for the 2019 season arrived and it will probably catch as many eyes as his play on the field.

Beckham Jr.’s custom Rolls-Royce arrived near the practice field on Thursday as all eyes stared sat the Browns’ orange color on the iconic car.

Of course, one of the NFL’s most popular players didn’t stop at the team-specific paint job for his new car. The Rolls-Royce also has a custom hood ornament that features his iconic one-handed catch.


The car will certainly get plenty of attention around the city and fans will be able to recognize it whenever they see the vehicle on the road. It couldn’t be more fitting for a player with a huge personality and even more talent.