LOOK: New York paper thinks Knicks acquired Bradley Beal

NBA power rankings: Bradley Beal, Wizards
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks have to be considered one of the biggest losers of free agency after missing out on multiple star players.

Instead, New York added second-tier guys like Julius Randle and Bobby Portis on larger-than-expected contracts.

In reporting the Knicks’ moves, the New York Post didn’t necessarily do itself any favors. In fact, the paper included a picture of Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal when reporting the Portis signing.

It’s all sorts of great.

Both Portis and Beal had some fun with it.

Not for nothing, Beal was said to be on the trade block. It goes without saying that the Knicks would have interest.

That’s since changed with the All-Star and his Wizards squad discussing a max-level extension.

Poor Knicks.