LOOK: NBA building barbershop inside its Orlando bubble

Eric Bronson-USA TODAY Sports

There are few feelings better than walking out of the barbershop with a great haircut and with the resumption of the NBA season closing in, the league is making sure its players are taken care of in the bubble. While there might not be friends or family allowed inside NBA’s quarantine bubble at Walt Disney World, there will soon be a barbershop.

The NBA knows it needs to make sure the stars are happy in Orlando, at a time when they could be facing a three-month quarantine. So, following an exhaustive process to find barbers for players, the NBA is now putting the finishing touches on a barbershop.

The NBA quickly learned that players were willing to break quarantine for some fast food and the snitch line is already getting plenty of calls. So, the league stepped in with a nice way for players to stay inside the bubble and to still receive that fresh cut. Who knows, maybe LeBron James can even record an episode of “The Shop” from this spot.