LOOK: Minor league team promoting cat adoptions with jersey promo

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Minor League Baseball is known for its off-the-wall promotions. In April, the Richmond Flying Squirrels will run one that’s both unusual and adorable.

For the Flying Squirrels — the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants — Saturday, April 6 will turn into Caturday. The team will work with the Richmond SPCA to promote animal adoption.

The Flying Squirrels will wear a jersey with the face of a local shelter cat. Fans have until January 30 to vote on which jersey will be worn.

The great news is that in some ways, the promotion has already worked. One of the cats, Dove, has already been adopted.

This is certainly in the spirit of the odd Minor League promotions that we see through the spring and summer. But it’s hard to find many causes better than this one.