LOOK: Mike Leach provides us with Bigfoot gem

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Washington State head football coach Mike Leach could be coming around on the idea that Bigfoot exists.

The always deep-thinking Leach previously noted that he hopes Sasquatch is a thing, but doesn’t personally believe the behemoth is real.

As he does on a regular basis, Leach took to Twitter on Thursday to offer up something we probably didn’t ask for. A reason why Bigfoot sightings have declined. And it’s all sorts of amazing.

The gist? We’re too busy on our phones to realize what’s happening around us in the real world. It’s almost a get off my lawn moment combined with him taking up the Bigfoot truther movement. Is that still a thing?

Leach is one of the most original personalities in the sports world. He recently talked about his own obituary, took a trip to meet with political leaders in Cambodia (for some reason), opened up about his hatred of golf and had a pretty interesting raccoon story.

Yeah, Leach remains a national treasure. He must be protected at all cost.