LOOK: Mets taking this dumpster fire thing to a new level

By Vincent Frank
Mar 24, 2018; Jupiter, FL, USA; A New York Mets hat with sunglasses sits on a glove in the dugout during a spring training game between the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being at nearly .500 heading into this weekend’s action, the New York Mets have almost literally been a dumpster fire in recent weeks. Here’s a squad that has lost 18 of its past 28 games.

Add in a fire at the team’s home ballpark this week, and things aren’t going too swimmingly for New York’s second baseball team.

Sadly, questions are now being raised about whether the Mets can do anything right. If the team’s press release ahead of Saturday’s home date against the Chicago Cubs is any indication, the answer is a clear no.

They legitimately cancelled a giveaway due to quality concern issues. Guys, maybe that’s the problem with the on-field product. “Quality concern issues.”

The good thing here is that fans won’t receive a crappy giveaway that would end up in a bargain bin at the local Salvation Army story within the matter of months. The bad news? Fans can receive a voucher to “cash in” at a later date.

Well done.