LOOK: Marshawn Lynch serving Raiders fans shots of tequila

Marshawn Lynch tequila Raiders
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders fans likely needed some liquid courage after watching their team blow what will be the Raiders final home game in Northern California.

In fact, it seems that some fans did indeed have liquid courage as the game was concluding. This included an ugly scene of booing and fans throwing stuff on to the football field.

Prior to the game, former Raiders running back and Oakland native Marshawn Lynch was tailgating with fans. He was also serving up shots of tequila outside of Oakland Coliseum.


That’s a good man right there. Helping Raiders fans celebrate or mourn their teams’ final game in Oakland.

Anything to help Raiders fans through these most difficult of times. It also hit home big time for Lynch, who starred for Cal in Berkeley and played for the Raiders from 2017-18.