LOOK: Los Angeles Rams make their pitch to LeBron James

The Los Angeles Rams might be one of the top Super Bowl favorites heading into the 2018 NFL season. They also could use a 6-foot-8 target at tight end. Hello, LeBron James.

Okay, that’s not happening.

This doesn’t mean the Rams aren’t out here pitching LeBron to Los Angeles. In fact, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

This is the Rams’ way of helping their Los Angeles brothers in arms, the Lakers, land King James. It might not move the needle much, but it’s certainly better than minor league baseball teams attempting to get into the mix. That’s for sure.

With free agency set to open up this weekend, the Lakers are seen as the favorites to land this three-time world champion. The star power of Hollywood coupled with James’ film making ambitions might be what moves the needle. It also doesn’t hurt that the Rams themselves are out here recruiting Mr. James.