LOOK: Lakers fans recruiting Kawhi Leonard with great billboard

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not that reigning NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard has to be recruited to Los Angeles. It’s his native land. He knows what makes the City of Angels tick.

Instead, Leonard has to choose between the two Southern California teams and his Toronto Raptors in free agency.

Clippers fans have already attempted to recruit one high-profile free agent. It’s now the Lakers turn.

Check out this billboard that just went up in Southern California on Friday. It depicts LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Mr. Leonard with the caption, “ Ka why not?”

These billboards are always fun. But it’s not like they’re going to entice free agents. Heck, Leonard has been offered a free multi-million dollar penthouse to remain in Toronto. That penthouse is so big he can probably cover the walls with billboards of his likeness.

At this point, it does indeed seem to be a three-team race for Leonard.

It was previously noted that the Clippers and Raptors were battling it out for the super star. Though, the Lakers’ ability to add cap room for a third max-contract player might change that.

NBA teams can start negotiating with free agents Sunday afternoon.