Look: Former NBA player Matt Barnes gets sick Tupac tattoo

By Vincent Frank

It’s not necessarily a rarity to see professional athletes use their bodies as a canvas for art work. Many stars in today’s sports landscape have their bodies completely tatted up. For the vast majority of his 14-year NBA career, Matt Barnes was defined by the canvas that is his body.

Now retired, Barnes decided to take that to a whole new level in hitting up famous artist Steve Butcher. The end result was pretty much the most awe-inspiring tattoo paying tribute to the late great Tupac Shakur.

The likeness is real. The in-depth understanding of Tupac’s original look led Butcher to spend five hours on this legendary piece of work.

Check it out here.


If you’re going to get tatted up, why not go all out? That’s exactly what Barnes did here.

It’s just a sensational piece of art work from a talented man in Butcher who flew from his native New Zealand to help Barnes out. He had previously done work for Kobe Bryant.