LOOK: Fan shows up to Game 7 in full ‘Billy Goat’ and Donald Trump attire

A fan has showed up to Game 7 of the World Series dressed in a goat outfit and a custom made Chicago Cubs Donald Trump jersey.

That’s certainly one way to get noticed.

There’s a lot going on here. Is this guy a Donald Trump supporter and Chicago Cubs fan, trying to embrace The Curse of the Billy Goat, hoping to put it away for good?

Maybe he is a Trump fan trying to mock the Cubs? Another option is that he’s a Hillary Clinton supporter cheering for the Cleveland Indians, trying to mock both Chicago and Trump.

Whatever it is, nothing about 2016 has been ordinary. Nothing about the election has been ordinary. Nothing about the World Series has been ordinary. So, it’s delightfully fitting that someone in attendance would make himself known with an outfit that’s certainly out of the ordinary.