LOOK: Eric Reid to support civil rights leaders for ‘my cause, my cleats’

Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid’s community activism is by now well known. One of the first supporters of the Colin Kaepernick-led national anthem protests starting back in 2016, Reid has made sure to remain active on this front.

He’s still close to Kaepernick as the quarterback remains a free agent. And since signing with the Carolina Panthers earlier this season, the former Pro Bowler has not backed down.

He’ll continue that for Monday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints. Here are the cleats Reid will wear as he takes part in the NFL’s “my cause, my cleats” campaign.

These custom-made cleats depict a variety of different civil rights leaders, including the likeness of Martin Luther King Jr. and Kaepernick himself.

While a divisive figure on the broader national stage, Kaepernick has indeed acted the part of a civil rights icon to those who support the movement.

“The shoulders of those giants who decided their moment was best used for the sake of the people,” Reid wrote in a later tweet. “And it’s always the right time to do what’s right. No different from you using your moment to take a knee. It also has the 10 point platform of Colin’s Know Your Rights Camp.”

Kaepernick himself also took to Twitter to show support for his former teammate.