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LOOK: Eagles fan has ‘Phillie Phanatic’ tattoo on his belly button

Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

This is pretty much the most Philadelphia sports thing anyone could ask for. An unnamed Eagles fan showed up to Lambeau Field in Green Bay ahead of his team’s game against the Packers Thursday night.

He was shirtless. That’s no surprise.

Instead, it’s all about the ink said fan had on his gut. That included an epic Phillie Phanatic tattoo on the dude’s belly button.

It can’t be unseen.

Every single detail of this body art is amazing. Up to the point that this guy has his belly button as the Phanatic’s nose. Talk about in-depth.

We’re just wondering how many beers he was in before getting that done. Probably a few more than the one he’s holding in this picture.

Just tremendous stuff.