Look: Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence shows up to camp with a tank

Dallas Cowboys star defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence is taking his nickname to an entirely new level as his team reports to training camp.

Here, Lawrence is seen posing with a legitimate military-style tank outside camp in Oxnard.

DeMarcus “tank” Lawrence. Get it? Funny guy.

More so than this epic photo, we’re openly wondering whether Lawarence will be driving that tank to practice every day. There has to be some road rules involved here, right? Pass on the right. Make sure not to fire at cars holding up traffic. Yeah, it’s like his own little Grand Theft Auto out there.

The 26-year-old defensive end can certainly afford to make this tank a full-time thing. He was handed the franchise tag back in March, guaranteeing the Boise State product a cool $17.14 million for this season.