LOOK: Converse releases team-specific NBA sneakers, and they’re brilliant

It was many moons ago that Converse had the shoe market cornered. Their high-top look and distinct personality was the rage of the 1970s and 1980s. The Chucks, also referred to as Converse All Star high tops, were more popular than any Nike shoe at a time when the market didn’t include competition we see today.

In keeping with this theme, Converse has now released the Chuck 70s. Not only are they brilliant, they’re personalized for your favorite NBA team.

According to the Sole Collector, 10 teams are represented in the new line. That includes the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks, among others.

Here’s a look at the Warriors’ option.

Though, the Sixers’ pair is even more lit.

You can pick up a pair of these suckers for $95 a pop. Given that you’ll be starting your own fashion trend while duplicating the awesomeness of the 80s, that has to be seen as a bargain.