Look: Cardinals selling massive $75 burger at games this season

The Arizona Cardinals apparently didn’t get the memo that everything is bigger in Texas. Maybe they got the memo and simply decided to ignore it.

Whatever the reason might be, the NFL team is taking concession sales to an entirely new level for the upcoming 2018 season.

What level? Well, a $75 hamburger that includes five-plus pounds of ground beef, five all-beef hot dogs, five bratwursts, eight slices of bacon, 20 slices of american cheese, eight chicken tenders and 12 ounces of french fries. That’s just to name a few of the fixings.

There’s a Heart Attack Grill here in Vegas where the servers are dressed like nurses and doctors. Even then, there’s not one single item on the menu that compares to this monstrosity. Seriously, what are we expected to do with this thing?

Happy clogged arteries, Cards fans.