LOOK: Cam Newton awesomely trolls Saints player with cleats

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is not in the festive mood for the NFL’s “my cause, my cleats” campaign.

Rather, the former NFL MVP took to a different cause to troll his opponent during Monday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints.

Here, we see Newton’s cleats depict a broom to represent New Orleans’ three-game sweep of the Panthers last season. The cleats also include an homage to the bottle of wine Saints defensive end Cam Jordan sent Newton after last season’s Saints playoff win over Carolina.

This is just some epic level trolling from Mr. Newton.

It was noted prior to Monday night’s game that the Panthers’ quarterback still has the broom that was sent to him signifying his team’s sweep at the hands of the Saints last season. He’s kept said broom in the package and will return it to sender should the Panthers come out on top.

We’re all for Newton not taking this whole thing too seriously. Losers of five consecutive, it would be understandable if Newton were uptight heading into the game. Obviously that’s not the case.