LOOK: Browns QB Baker Mayfield hits Colin Cowherd with epic burn

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The feud between Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and outspoken FS1 personality Colin Cowherd continues.

Mayfield just threw gasoline on the fire with that series of insults.

This ties into an anti-Cowherd the t-shirt line that Mayfield is selling. Mayfield burned Cowherd good and it is clear that he is not going to take a back seat to Cowherd’s negative comments.

This is not the first beef between Mayfield and Cowherd. Even Odell Beckham Jr. has unleashed his wrath on Cowherd.

And, likely, this tit-for-tat it is far from over. But, it is cool that Mayfield is not afraid to be himself and stand up to guys like Cowherd who want to drag his name through the mud.

Mayfield clearly won this round.