LOOK: Brady Aiken, other Indians pitchers ponder number of Earths in Universe

Baseball teams deal with a lot of down time. How do players fill that time? In the case of Brady Aiken, a pitcher in the Cleveland Indians organization, conversations swirl around the number of Earths that exist in the Universe. Yes, you read that correctly.

Aiken got the ball rolling. But as we soon found out, he was far from alone.

Cleveland starter Mike Clevinger weighed in with a firm answer.

Clevinger was on the same page as R.C. Orlan, another pitcher in the Indians organization.

But this conversation wasn’t just limited to the Cleveland organization. Cole Tucker, a shortstop in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, took the conversation to a new level.

Aiken’s response went and blew our minds.

Well, there you have it.

We can’t say we expected this to be a hot topic in the baseball world on Wednesday. But the Earth — at least the Earth that we are all presently occupying — is always full of surprises.