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LOOK: Atlanta Braves’ World Series rings are massive

Andrew Buller-Russ

As is the custom for teams who won the World Series last season, once spring training ends, it’s time for the official reveal of the championship rings. On Saturday, April 9, the Atlanta Braves finally received their hardware following a legendary October performance that ended with their fourth WS title in franchise history.

Check out the sheer size of these blingin’ rings. They’re almost baseball-sized. It’s like having a hand-weight attached to the end of your finger. Talk about a workout.

Same. We can’t believe it either.

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Details of Atlanta Braves’ 2021 World Series ring bling

In all seriousness, these rings are awesome. Not only are they the largest World Series rings we’ve ever seen, they also include several spiffy connections to the history of the Braves organization as their Twitter documents in deep detail.

First off, the top lid pops open to reveal LED lighting illuminating Truist Park, packed with 11 jewels marking each of the locations of their 11 World Series home runs.

The band of each ring contains each player’s individual signature and just behind all the diamonds are the final scores of each postseason game the Braves played last season. Along the right side of the ring, players will find their respective jersey numbers. There’s even a pearl, to remind fans of Joc Pederson’s pearl necklace which became a hit with some fans of the team.

Best of all, the 150 diamonds found on the face represent the organization’s 150-year history, complete with an additional 44 emerald-cut diamonds to represent Hank Aaron’s retired jersey number. For the A, it contains 18.71 karats of white gold, another nod to when the franchise was founded in 1871.

It all amounts to a really special, personalized ring that each and every member of the staff will always cherish. Not a bad way to ring in the new season for the Braves.

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