LOOK: Antonio Brown offers to play catch with Colin Kaepernick in private workout

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

As quarterback Colin Kaepernick prepares for his private workout on Saturday in front of NFL teams, free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown seems to be making himself available for Kaepernick’s workout.

The All-Pro receiver tweeted Kaepernick asking if he wanted to play catch in front of the NFL scouts at Saturday’s workout. Brown’s tweet even included a meme of both players as kids playing with the same toy.

It seems rather fitting from Brown given everything we’ve seen from him since being released by the New England Patriots. He hinted at a potential NFL return on Sept. 26, got into Twitter wars with other NFL players and then flipped from potentially announcing his retirement to declaring his desire to return to football.

Brown’s talent would certainly be beneficial for Kaepernick to work with during the workout. It’s probably in Kaepernick’s best interest if he just ignores the tweet and doesn’t invite Brown to the workout.