LOOK: Alabama’s unveils insane football locker room upgrades

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

As the city of Tuscaloosa faces a catastrophic economic hit with the 2020 college football season in jeopardy, the Alabama Crimson Tide are once again providing their football players with a locker room that would make NFL teams jealous.

While the SEC remains concerned regarding the chances for football this fall, that didn’t stop Alabama from showing its players the upgraded locker room. As some of the top student-athletes in the country toured the facility, they were shocked at the insane amenities inside the locker room.

Just a few years ago, an individual locker with a padded chair and increased spacing were viewed as a luxury. Now Alabama is taking things to the next level with luxurious recliners, upscale carpeting, jaw-dropping space and so much more.

The upgrade to the facilities is remarkable and will certainly provide a boost for Nick Saban when he is out on the recruiting trail. However, it’s worth noting that the unveiling comes at a time when Alabama’s athletic department could operate at a major loss this year.

Colleges across the country, including Stanford University, have eliminated multiple sports programs due to financial consequences created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Athletic departments have operated at a massive loss this year and it will get far worse if fall sports are wiped out.

If that happens and Alabama inevitably eliminates several of its sports teams, forcing student-athletes in other sports to transfer or give up on their dream, a lot of fingers will be pointed at the football program.