LOOK: 49ers’ GM John Lynch shows off his at-home draft room

49ers, NFL Draft
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Many general managers are scrambling to create temporary draft rooms with team facilities shut down and the NFL moving forward with the 2020 NFL Draft as scheduled. Meanwhile, San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is showing off the draft room he is using at his home.

Lynch welcomed 49ers’ fans into his home on Friday with a short video that captured his temporary draft room. In the video, Lynch has All-22 film from one of Kentucky’s football games on his television and a notebook on his desk with even more information on his computer.

It’s an awesome look inside how one general manager is adjusting to an unprecedented time when he can’t be at his team’s facilities preparing for the 2020 NFL Draft with his scouts. Instead of complaining, Lynch is making the best out of the situation and still preparing for the draft by watching film and combing through data and scouting reports.

Lynch made sure to share his appreciation for the team’s coaching staff and scouts during a difficult evaluation process when their difficult jobs become even tougher. He also made sure to thank all of the incredible people across the country who are risking their health and lives to help their communities.