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Lonzo Ball would rather have the Lakers take him than go No. 1 overall

Ethan Sears
Big Baller Brand shoes, Lonzo Ball
Celtics will miss out on Lonzo Ball.

The Ball family is L.A. born and bred. So much so, in fact, that former UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball would rather be drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers than be taken with the first overall pick.

“I’m going to go with the Lakers [over being the #1 pick],” Ball said in appearance onĀ ESPN’s SportsNation. “I’m a family dude. All my family is in L.A. So, to be able to play in front of them, I think that would mean more to me.”

This comes just a few months after LaVar Ball said Lonzo would only play for the Lakers before backtracking shortly afterwards. The Lakers’ first-round pick will go to the Philadelphia 76ers unless it is in the top three.

Los Angeles is currently has the third-best lottery odds, which amounts to a 47 percent chance of keeping the pick, after winning two in a row against the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs. The Phoenix Suns, losers of 13 straight, have passed Los Angeles for the second-best lottery odds while the Brooklyn Nets have a tight hold on first.

The Lakers also hold the Houston Rockets’ first-round pick, which they received in the Lou Williams trade. ButĀ unless Ball is willing to wait until late in the first round to be picked, it’s highly unlikely they can nab Ball with that pick.

So, unless the Lakers keep their pick, Ball will likely have to put aside his dream of playing in purple and gold.