Liverpool lose James Milner and Daniel Sturridge to injuries

USA Today Sports

Despite beating Catalan giants Barcelona 4-0 in a scintillating display, Liverpool didn’t have the best of Saturdays.

Before the match, it was announced that Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool’s gifted but made-of-glass striker, was once again sidelined because of a hip injury.

For as good as Sturridge is, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp must have doubts about whether to keep him as part of the squad considering how frequently he is unavailable. In four seasons Sturridge has only made 92 appearances across all domestic and European competitions.

A potentially bigger problem is star utility player James Milner, who was fitting in nicely as a left sided full back, failed to finish the first half against Barcelona due to an unknown heel injury.

With Liverpool’s only other option at left back being Alberto Moreno, who is less than appreciated at the club, surely someone else has to be signed.

Jurgen Klopp said “I’m happy with squad but if injury happens then we need to react.”

With the transfer market closing on August 31st, expect Liverpool to be proactive.