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LIV Golf forcibly removes reporter from presser 2 days after berating another for not being ‘polite’

Jason Burgos
liv golf
Credit: USA Today Network

LIV Golf has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start at their first event. And it seems officials for the new pro golf tour are the source of the poor optics surrounding LIV in their first week.

On Wednesday morning, LIV Golf was hit with a major salvo in its brewing war with the PGA TOUR when the legendary golf series suspended any and all players competing for LIV from future PGA events. The decision was met with an angry response from the Saudi government-backed league as they called the PGA “vindictive” for banning members of the LIV roster.

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Well, it seems angry responses of dissatisfaction are quickly becoming par for the course (pun completely intended) for LIV Golf. On Tuesday, it was reported that Associated Press contributor Rob Harris was reprimanded by tour officials for not being “polite” in his questions during a press conference and then was removed from the event featuring LIV talent.

“Press conference ends in kerfuffle when the AP reporter tries to ask a question but is cut off by LIV spokesman. Players file out slowly, awkwardly as LIV officials argue loudly with reporter about how he’s not being ‘polite,” ESPN Golf writer Kevin Van Valkenburg wrote on Twitter from the seen of the incident.”

LIV Golf strong arms another reporter at inaugural London event

It seems that there has now been a second such incident at the tour’s inaugural event in London, England. On Thursday, veteran golf writer Alan Shipnuck revealed on Twitter a couple of “neckless” security personnel removed him from a Phil Mickelson press conference on orders from LIV Golf officials.

“Well, a couple of neckless security dudes just physically removed me from Phil Mickelson’s press conference, saying they were acting on orders from their boss, whom they refused to name. (Greg Norman? MBS? Al Capone?) Never a dull moment up in here,” Shipnuck wrote.

Retired PGA TOUR legend Greg Norman is the LIV Golf CEO and the man leading the charge for the rival tournament series.

This is surely not a good look for LIV after just a couple of days into its first event. However, since the tour is backed by the Saudia Arabian government, which has had countless allegations of human rights violations levied against it, it almost seems fitting this would be the tour to literally strong-arm people and try to subvert opinions that are not positive for LIV.