Le’Veon Bell wants to retire as member of Steelers, still holding out hope for long-term deal

Le’Veon Bell is reportedly going to return to the Pittsburgh Steelers during the team’s Week 7 bye, and he is still holding out hope that he will never leave the organization.

Speaking with ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Bell made it clear that he would love to retire as a member of the Steelers organization, and that he wants to sign a long-term deal in Pittsburgh if it’s possible.

“I could be naïve or hopeful, but at the end of the day I feel like that’s what’s going to happen,” Bell said about re-signing with the team. “I don’t think they really want me gone. That could be me being prideful. But I’m still holding out hope.”

He also said that he understands that his strong stance this year has cost him fans, but he’s embracing all of it for other players who don’t have the kind of leverage he does.

“It’s costing me some fans,” Bell said of his decision to sit out. “A lot of people call me selfish but I’m really not. I’m dong it for guys behind me or guys who don’t understand what’s going on in the business of football. The 22 years I’ve been playing football, I’ve always brought value. I don’t think the Steelers valued me as much.”

Bell spoke out on behalf of Earl Thomas on Monday morning after the Seattle Seahawks safety broke his leg.

Thomas, like Bell, has been trying to land a long-term deal with his team, but unlike Bell he did not hold out of regular-season games.

Now he’s in a situation where it’s likely he’ll never play for the Seahawks again.

Obviously, despite the tension between Bell and the Steelers, he’s hoping things don’t turn out the same way for himself.