Le’Veon Bell staunchly backs ‘family man’ Mark Dantonio

Former Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell doesn’t believe the reports that his old coach, Mark Dantonio, helped create a culture of denial.

Less than a day after Dantonio patently denied any wrongdoing in the wake of an Outside the Lines investigation that exposed the Michigan State football program in a very big way, Bell is speaking up for his old coach. He also doesn’t believe basketball coach Tom Izzo would have knowingly done anything wrong, either.

The OTL report that came out on Friday paints the entire Michigan State athletic department in a very dark light. In the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal, it alleges that the football program knowingly tried to cover up sexual assault and violence against women and that at least 16 football players have been accused of those crimes since 2007.

Then later on in the evening, a report by Nichole Auerbach of The Athletic delved even deeper.

It’s not surprising that Bell would stick up for his college coach. However, the mounting evidence against Dantonio and the MSU athletic program, which has already been proven contemptible due to Nassar and that entire outrageous string of events, seems to indicate Bell might not know his coach as well as he thinks.