Le’Veon Bell on Suspension: “I’m Going to Just Have to do my Time”

By Rachel Wold

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell is finally speaking out after he was given a three-game suspension last month stemming from charges of possession of marijuana and driving under the influence last August.

In an interview with Josina Anderson of ESPN, Bell claimed he had no issue with the terms of the league’s punishment and he would take any other penalties that were served upon him:

“I made a mistake. I’m going to just have to do my time, whatever the final decision may be,” Bell said. “Get past it, and get ready for next season and continuing to be the great football player I know I can be.”

When the suspension was announced, reports said that Bell would plan to appeal the decision—something that doesn’t look like he followed through with. Because this was a first offense for Bell, he had to complete a program and is serving 15 months of probation. In addition, Bell had to take a safe-driving class and pay a $100 fine to cover the court costs.

Ready to do his time and wipe his record clean, Bell further elaborated about the incident:

“I did everything that they needed me to do and I did it quick. So eventually that’s going to be off my record. Obviously, like I said, I still have to do my time that they gave me, but if [the league] were to look into that and all the community service that I did and the classes that I had to take in eventually getting it off my record, that should be something that maybe they consider and help me knock off some time.”

It’s possible that Bell’s suspension will be shortened due to his willingness to take ownership and do what is being asked of him. For the Steelers’ sake, I’m sure they would love that. Bell finished the 2014 campaign with over 2,200 total yards and 11 scores.

In the end, this is a refreshing story. Bell is that rare NFL player who actually owned up to his actions, claimed the punishment was fair and is now ready to move on.

What a concept, aye?

Photo: USA Today Sports