LeSean McCoy: Not best friends with Chip Kelly, but not enemies

By David Kenyon

One of the hot-button topics during the NFL offseason was Chip Kelly’s handful of roster changes, one of which sent starting running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills.

McCoy’s trade sparked a strange controversy that the Philadelphia Eagles coach didn’t want black players on the roster, to which players said he’s more of a dictator than a racist.

A few months have passed, though, and Jeff McLane of the Philly Inquirer notes McCoy is no longer angry about being shipped away.

“I don’t have no issue with him. There’s no problem. I don’t hate him. It’s nothing like that … We ain’t like best friends or that, but we’re no enemies.”

Although McCoy isn’t having a stellar year in Buffalo, his per-carry average numbers and impact in the passing game have increased. Partly thanks to McCoy, the Bills are fighting for a playoff berth in a tough division.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, is tied atop a terrible NFC East, where the best record is tied for the worst in the AFC East.

Maybe the Eagles’ struggles in 2015 have helped McCoy overcome the business side of football, though four years of 1,000-plus yards certainly couldn’t have made his departure easy to accept.

Kelly replaced McCoy with DeMarco Murray, but that signing hasn’t exactly worked out. Murray has seen his role steadily decrease, and Philadelphia might explore moving him elsewhere during the coming offseason.

The Eagles host Buffalo on Sunday. Perhaps Kelly and McCoy might give a nod or a handshake. After all, that’s what non-enemies usually do.