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LOOK: Leonard Fournette responds to reports about his weight

Andrew Buller-Russ

It’s all about how you respond. In Leonard Fournette’s case, he’s heard the criticism after a report came out questioning his game shape, despite being 50 days away from their Week 1 game against the Dallas Cowboys on September 11.

Specifically, Fournette reportedly weighed nearly 260 pounds during the team’s minicamp, which took place from June 7-9. He’s officially listed at 228 pounds. What his typical playing weight is anyone’s guess, but he has suggested “230, 228 definitely is my range”.

Fournette’s initial public response came the day after the report about his weight emerged.

Basically, he doesn’t seem too worried about his current shape, as he knows he has plenty of time to get to his peak form. But make no mistake, Fournette won’t be one of the ones declaring he’s in the ‘best shape in his life’ as he enters camp, yet he clearly couldn’t care less. Chances are, if he has a strong season, no one else will either.

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Leonard Fournette has a sense of humor

While Leonard Fournette initially had a response, he wasn’t done addressing this one. The Super Bowl champ one-upped himself later in the week, posting to his social media again to make fun of not only himself but also the situation.

Credit to Fournette for being in good spirits about his weight becoming a joke, but in all seriousness, Tom Brady probably doesn’t find it very funny as he pursues what could be his eighth Super Bowl ring, likely reporting in top-top shape, and he barely even runs.

Yet, Fournette has a good point in that the actual NFL season is still far away. That’s what training camp is for, to get ready to go. Even if he may not be the most prepared entering camp in 2022, he has plenty of time before he needs to be 100%.

It would be a far bigger story if we were in the last week of preseason and Fournette was still lagging behind. But we’ll probably all forget all about this by Week 1, except Fournette.

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