Legendary details emerge surrounding Aaron Rodgers’ final play against Cowboys

Aaron Rodgers was a veritable magician on Sunday, making plays with his arms and legs that aren’t supposed to be possible for members of the human race.

He had a magnificent game to lead the Green Bay Packers to a 34-31 win over the Dallas Cowboys. And perhaps no play highlights the performance like the one that led to the game-winning field goal by Mason Crosby.

Rolling to his left, Rodgers threw a dart to the left sideline, leading tight end Jared Cook perfectly.


Cook’s catch was just as brilliant as Rodgers’ throw. He dragged both feet while making the difficult sideline grab and maintaining possession all the way to the turf.

As if the play needed anything else to make it legendary, Randall Cobb provided some context that will blow your mind.

There isn’t anything else you can add to this to make it any more awesome unless he had thrown the ball while being dragged to the turf by half of Dallas’ defense.

Rodgers isn’t the greatest quarterback to ever live. Not yet. But he’s well on his way.

He’ll have a chance to add to his legend next weekend when the Packers hit the road again to face the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game, where offense will be king. We can’t wait to see what Rodgers does for an encore.