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LeBron James: Launching school for at-risk children ‘one of the greatest moments of my life’

Jesse Reed
LeBron James

LeBron James is launching his I PROMISE School, which is a new public elementary school in Akron that will open Monday and serve 240 at-risk children.

The school, established by the LeBron James Family Foundation and Akron Public Schools, looks absolutely amazing.

James took to his Twitter account Sunday to express just how much this project means to him, going so far as to suggest it’s possibly one of the greatest moments of his still young life.

James has been a staunch advocate of education, not to mention highly proactive about helping young people achieve one. In addition to this new school, he’s sending more than 1,100 young men and women to college.

James has also helped many adults attain their GED.

That he considers opening this new school to be among his life’s greatest achievements really tells you everything to know about his values and off the court.