LeBron James has blunt take on idea Cavs vs. Warriors IV is bad for NBA

For the fourth consecutive season, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are meeting up in the NBA Finals, and clearly not everyone’s excited about this trend. Though, when asked by reporters Wednesday about this perception that Cavs vs. Warriors Part IV is bad for the league, LeBron James had a pretty blunt response.

“Teams have had their opportunities to beat the Cavs over the last four years, and teams have had their opportunities to beat the Warriors over the last four years. If you want to see somebody else in the postseason, then you’ve gotta beat ’em.”

Clearly, James cares not for your Cavs vs. Warriors fatigue.

And while it’s true no two teams have done what these two have, meeting up four years in a row to decide the title, the NBA has a long history of dynasties and East vs. West rivalries like this one.

So, until James either leaves Cleveland or until other teams figure out a way to beat them, it’s likely we’ll continue to see these two teams fighting for the NBA title while the rest of the league fights for the scraps.