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LeBron James: DeMarcus Cousins ‘the best big man in our game’

Robert Ortiz
DeMarcus Cousins
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Demarcus Cousins has been a highly regarded and highly mercurial player since entering the league in 2010. Equal parts dominant and outspoken, Cousins has helped revitalize a position once dominated by big bruisers in the paint.

With his level of play only rising as his career progresses, opposing players have been vocal in their respect for the Sacramento Kings star.

That respect was taken to a new level when NBA legend LeBron James tossed in his two cents regarding Cousins, echoing recent comments made by Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

With names like Karl-Anthony Towns and DeAndre Jordan gracing courts across the league, to be recognized as the best of the best by the greatest in the game is a huge feather in Cousins’ cap.

The big man has redefined the position since entering the league and is the type of center not seen in the NBA in many years.

While he has clashed with the front office many times, the outspoken star has become one of the top players in a league filled with stars.

His ability to take over a game at any given moment was once thought to be reserved for smaller players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Yet Cousins has established himself as the pre-eminent force at the center position.

Expect Cousins to continue his run of dominance for years to come, and establish himself as one of the greatest to ever play the game — regardless of which team he suits up for.