LeBron James blasts MLB Commissioner over Astros scandal

LeBron James GOAT
Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine that. NBA superstar LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has an opinion on the entire Houston Astros cheating scandal. We’re surprised in that he’s usually such an introvert.

Either way, the three-time NBA champion decided to take to social media on Tuesday and blast MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred over the entire Astros sign-stealing scandal that has plagued baseball over the past several months. As we might imagine, King James did not hold back.

What’s most impressive here is that extra long hashtag. But I digress.

There is a point to be made. Imagine if James’ former Cavaliers team lost its three NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors because Stephen Curry and Co. decided to cheat. Maybe listening in to the in-game huddles or stealing practice videos.

How would that have played out in the Association? We’re darn sure that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver would have come down harder on the Warriors than MLB has come down on Astros players. Just some food for thought.

The backdrop here is clear. Multiple MLB stars have spoken out against the Astros. Some have done so in a subtle manner. But a vast majority of those who have opined on the topic have done so with words that seemingly match the anger represented in James’ tweets.

Interesting stuff.