LaVar Ball: Michael Jordan couldn’t sell $495 shoes ‘because he ain’t Lonzo Ball’

Big Baller Brand, LaVar Ball

Well, he’s done it again. Invoking His Airness to promote himself and his son, LaVar Ball once again elevated Lonzo Ball to heights explored only by Icarus himself.

As we’re all aware, the Ball family is attempting to break the mold and build a new one when it comes to marketing oneself. The Big Baller Brand recently launched ridiculously overpriced shoes, with the basic model costing between $495-$695 — prices social media had a field day with.

When asked to explain how he feels it’s okay to set a price so high that not even the king of basketball shoes, Michael Jordan, ever came close to reaching, he gave a typical LaVar Ball answer.

“Because he ain’t Lonzo Ball, that’s why. Did he have his own brand coming in? It’s a new era called the Ball era,” he said, appearing on Undisputed.

Kudos to Ball for trying something new. We applaud the great lengths to which he’s willing to go in order to promote his new business. But this is just ridiculous.

Lonzo Ball hasn’t even been drafted yet. He was a star at UCLA, certainly, but by no means is this kid guaranteed to become an NBA superstar. He cannot compare to the type of dominant player LeBron James was when he came out of high school. He’s certainly not better than Stephen Curry, regardless of what his father said.

And to essentially say he’s better than Michael Jordan?

Well, that’s where we draw the line.