LaVar Ball: Illegal offers come ‘every summer’

Lakers president Magic Johnson doesn't seem too worried about LaVar Ball.

It’s been a while since LaVar Ball made national news, but his latest declaration in the wake of college basketball’s pay-for-play scandal might be his most believable statement yet.

While appearing on the CBS Flagrant Two podcast, Ball revealed he has received illegal offers regarding his three sons, Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo.

“Every summer. They keep coming every summer to get me to say ‘yes.’ They offered you money, they offered to take care of the AAU team, they’re gonna give everybody uniforms, everybody shoes. I mean, it’s just, any kind of way.”

Ball continued:

“But see the word got out that LaVar don’t need that. Someone even had a false accusation that said, ‘Oh LaVar asked me for $200,000.’ I was like, ‘Wow, that’s funny.’ What am I gonna do with $200,000? After I’ve bought a car and paid some bills I’m stuck right where I’m at. So $200,000 ain’t gonna do nothing.”

Now, for a majority of readers, $200,000 is not an insignificant sum of money. That also explains why prospects are so enticed by the illicit offers, especially considering that’s the players’ existing value anyway — though that’s another story for another day.

But the revelation should come as no surprise from Ball, who coaches an AAU team and whose sons are each talented athletes. Lonzo attended UCLA before being drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers, LiAngelo currently plays for the Bruins and LaMelo is committed to the school.

The underground of college athletics has always been a dirty business, and the FBI investigation is only bringing it to light. Ball, despite his history of crazy thoughts, is likely a solid source on this one.