Lavar Ball: Warriors could sign Michael Jordan and Lakers would still win championship

The Golden State Warriors sent shockwaves through the NBA on Monday night by signing All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins. But Lavar Ball is not impressed.

Ball, father of Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Lonzo Ball, doesn’t feel that the Warriors are much of a match for the now Lebron James led Lakers.

“The Warriors can sign Boogie, Prince, Michael Jordan … anybody they want! They still ain’t gonna win with this team right here — the Lakers with LeBron,” Ball said, per TMZ. “You don’t give my son the best player in the game and don’t think he gonna win no championships!”

Certainly, having LeBron on board will help Los Angeles’ title hopes. He is the best player in the game, arguably the best of all-time, and has reached eight NBA Finals in a row.

That said, the oddsmakers don’t quite agree with Mr. Ball. While James going to the Lakers dramatically increased their championship odds, the Warriors were still ahead of them, even before signing Cousins. After signing Cousins, Golden State’s odds only increased.

Ball is certainly entitled to his opinion, of course. But realistically, Los Angeles is still at least one star player (who might be coming) away from being competitive with the champs.