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Las Vegas Raiders Pledge $1 Million to Fight COVID19 in Nevada

Scott Gulbransen
las vegas raiders covid19 donation pledge mark davis

Having spent the past two-plus years building a strong community presence in Nevada, Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis and the NFL team pledge much-needed money to help fight the coronavirus in their new home.

With the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the 2020 NFL draft which was to be hosted in Las Vegas, and a rising toll of lives to the COVID19 outbreak in Nevada, the Raiders today announced a pledge of $1 million to help fight the outbreak and its aftermath in the state.

Las Vegas Is Our Home, Davis said in a statement posted to the team’s website.”And Together We Shall Forever Be #VegasStrong.”

The team also outlined in the statement what it would be doing to help.

“The Las Vegas Raiders are proud to stand alongside the incredible community leaders that are doing everything that they can during this time of need. Health and safety is always our top priority and we’d like to salute Governor Sisolak, Jim Murren and the entire Task Force for their tireless efforts in supporting health officials and healthcare workers throughout the Silver State.”

Nevada, with its early “stay at home” order coming from Governor Steve Sisolak on March 13, has kept the impact on lives relatively low considering just under 1,300 cases statewide with 39 deaths. In Las Vegas alone, 41 million visitors passed through in 2019 which means Sisolak’s closing of all of Nevada’s casinos and hotels seems to have helped minimize the impact on the gaming-reliant state.

The Raiders continue to invest in their new home and community and this support is surely to remain fixed in the minds of Las Vegas fans and residents.