WATCH: Las Vegas Raiders go with James Harden audible

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders are looking directly at an early playoff exit. Derek Carr and Co. are done passing the ball for the remainder of the NFL season.

The jokes were aplenty after Las Vegas opted to use James Harden as an audible during their “Sunday Night Football” game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Fans watching from home were thrown for a loop when Carr mentioned the former NBA MVP during an audible in the second quarter.

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Las Vegas Raiders use James Harden audible

We’ve heard some pretty awesome audibles around the NFL in recent years. But this certainly has to take the cake. Like clockwork, the Raiders decided against passing the ball. Rather, they handed it off to Devontae Booker for a gain of six yards.

For his part, Harden’s ears have to be buzzing with him now trending on Twitter. Don’t worry, Rockets fans, this does not mean he’s been traded to Las Vegas. That would be rather odd given that the city doesn’t yet have an NBA team.

As some of you might already know, Mr. Harden has demanded a trade from the Rockets this offseason. Were the Raiders trolling the Rockets?

It’s possible given that they used to share a complex with Houston’s fierce rival in that of the Golden State Warriors in Oakland.

In any event, this was one of the highlights of a huge “Sunday Night Football” game between the surging 6-3 Las Vegas Raiders and defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.