Larry David thinks he’d succeed as a NFL offensive coordinator

Comedian Larry David usually plays a ho-hum version of what many of us fear we will be once we grow older.

His role on Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the most iconic in recent television history, as was his creation of the hit show Seinfeld.

In case you didn’t notice, both shows had some sports themes involved in them. The way Seinfeld portrayed late-great former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner being one of them.

In continuing with his New York-based sports roots, the always hilarious David recently suggested that he has what it takes to be an offensive coordinator in the NFL.

“I’m not joking,” David told guest host Charissa Thompson on a recent taping of The Dan Patrick Show. “I’m positive I can be an offensive coordinator. All I had to do, I think if I just studied, just hung around, just learned a little bit. Maybe — gimme one season shadowing an offensive coordinator, one season, and I know I could do it. I know it.”



Yeah, that’s pretty much the reaction we had as well, Larry.

It was definitely tongue in cheek, as Larry himself has to realize there’s a lot more to simply calling plays.

In the same interview, the comedian went on to indicate that he believes the Jets won’t match their 10-win performance from a season ago. When asked why, he simply responded that he was a Jets fan.

It’s nice to see that David’s self loathing continues when he’s not on set. On the camera, a new season of Curb will return here soon after a five-year hiatus.

No word yet on whether Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey will appear.