Lamar Jackson trolls himself over ‘passing highlights’ video

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Some YouTuber out there posted a video entitled “Lamar Jackson Passing Highlights.” Lamar Jackson saw this video, or at the least he saw the headline, and had a funny reaction to it on social media.

The implied joke here is that Jackson didn’t really have that many highlights as a passer during his rookie campaign. Instead, he did a ton of damage with his legs.

So, when people started commenting on his Twitter post, it was pretty funny that Jackson continued to troll himself over the whole thing.

For what it’s worth, Jackson passed for 1,201 yards and six touchdowns as a rookie for the Ravens. He rushed for 695 yards and five touchdowns as well.

It’s going to be fascinating to see how the Ravens build around this dual-threat quarterback going forward. They are completely rebuilding the offense from the ground up to cater to his strengths. Whether that pays off in the long run or hurts the franchise remains to be seen.